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General Firtina was attache in Washington in 1991. The Middle East Report concluded in 1998 that probably the greatest strategic move in the Clinton years was "The Ankara Pact"- an alliance between the Turkish military and the USA and Israel. (Turkey, Drugs, Faustian Alliances & Sibel Edmonds)

Operation Sledgehammer (OPERATION SLEDGEHAMMER AIMED TO DOWN AN AIRCRAFT) helps us to understand 9 11 and the London tube bombings.

It is a suitcase of documents which reveals Operation Sledgehammer, the 2003 plan for acts of terrorism and a Turkish coup

In January 2010, Mehmet Baransu, a journalist at Taraf newspaper (Turkey) told The Times (UK) that "My source brought the originals of all this stuff in a suitcase one night last week.

"He had been in the First Army and was uncomfortable with developments."

The 'digital imprints' on the files lead back to military computers. Taraf has handed the documents to Istanbul prosecutors.

Reportedly, the CIA, Mossad and the Turkish military want to topple Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan, because he is not sufficiently pro-Israel and pro-USA. Erdogan is a moderate, but he has criticised Israel.

Many top military people are named in the Sledgehammer documents.

The documents reveal that the Turkish military planned to down a Turkish aircraft.

General Ibrahim Firtina, who went on to command the Turkish air force, is linked to this plan for the Turkish aircraft to be downed and the attack blamed on Greece.

The idea was to create the nationalist unity needed for a coup.

The Sledgehammer documents reveal the military's plans to detonate bombs in mosques.

The idea of killing people in mosques was to get the survivors to riot and to create the idea that there were lots of mad Moslems around.

The main Sledgehammer document discusses how to take advantage of the chaos after co-ordinated attacks in large cities, especially Istanbul.

This was written several months before attacks against the British consulate, the HSBC bank and synagogues in Istanbul.

The Sledgehammer documents reveal that Stadiums were to be prepared for mass detentions.

A Turkish court, on 16 February 2007, sentenced seven 'suspected al-Qaida militants' to life in prison for the November 2003 bombings in Istanbul, which hit the British consulate, the HSBC bank and two synagogues.

The defendants included Syrian Loa'i Mohammad Haj Bakr al-Saqa, also known as Luai Sakra . ( Al-Qaida suspects on trial for Istanbul bombings give final ...)

The British Consul General Roger Short was killed by the bomb as he was entering the consulate building. Press reports confirmed that he had cancelled an appointment at the last minute and "if he had gone to his appointment, he would have been alive."

According to Michel Chossudovsky, at, "The attacks created conditions for Turkey's participation in the war on terrorism.

"The attacks served to strengthen the Anglo-American military axis and the legitimacy of Bush's 'War on terrorism.'"

Ercan Gun, at (TODAY'S ZAMAN ), 15 Agust 2005, reported on the Syrian 'Al Qaeda Militant' Luai Sakra (Saqa) who was arrested for organizing the double bomb attacks in Istanbul on 15-23 November 2003.

Sakra 'has confessed to Turkish police that he provided the attackers of 9 11 with passports'.

Sakra 'claims that he knew Muhammad Ata'.

Sakra 'claims he drinks alcohol and does not pray'.

Sarka reportedly said: “I was one of the people who knew the perpetrators of September 11, and knew the time and plan before the attacks. I also participated in the preparations for the attacks to WTI and Pentagon. I provided money and passports.”

Reportedly, some of the passports, which Sakra claimed to have provided himself, were found in the ruins of World Trade Centre I.

Ercan Gun wonders if Al-Qaeda is a Secret Service operation.

Sakra was interrogated for 4 days at the Istanbul Anti-Terror Department Headquarters. Reportedly this has provided some important information.

According to Ercan Gun, Turkish intelligence specialists now believe:

1. Al-Qaeda is the name of a secret service operation.

2. Al Qaeda is linked to a strategy of tension.

3. Sakra, the fifth most senior man in al-Qaeda, was offered employment by the CIA. The CIA gave him a large sum of money.

The CIA claimed it eventually lost contact with him.

Reportedly, in 2000, the CIA asked the Turkish security service MIT to capture Sakra. MIT caught Sakra in Turkey and interrogated him.

At a different period of time, Sakra was sought and caught by Syria's al-Mukhabarat. Syria too offered him employment. Sakra eventually became a triple agent for the secret services.

Terrorism: Top al Qaeda operative, Sakra, 'worked for the CIA'.

The 1980 Bologna Bombing was blamed on agents of the CIA and NATO, working for Operation Gladio.

Operation Gladio involved “the strategy of tension”. The strategy involved getting right-wing terrorists to carry out terrorist attacks in Europe and in Turkey. Operation Gladio was reportedly organised by Nato and the CIA.

"The CONTRA-GUERRILLAS, which were the GLADIO organisation in Turkey, were set up from the 1950s onwards and played a significant part in fascist governments during the modern history of Turkey, irrespective of whether these had a veneer of parliamentary democracy or were an overt military junta."

"Utilizing the fascist and ultra-nationalist National Action Party and its youth wing, the Gray Wolves, the Turkish 'Stay Behind' also resulted in the type of right-wing terror program and destabilization effort that it did in Italy."


When the Islamist prime minister Necemettin Erbakan took power in 1996, the Turkish military, quickly eased him out of power.

In elections for the Turkish parliament on November 3, 2002, a new party formed out of a banned Islamic movement - the Justice and Development Party (AKP) - won 35 percent of the popular vote and 363 of the 550 seats.This may have worried the Pentagon, Israel, the Turkish military and the Turkish drugs industry.


According to a report in The Jerusalem Post, intelligence cooperation between the Mossad and the Turkish security service, MIT, "was enshrined in a 12-clause agreement that was signed during a 1993 visit to Israel by then-Turkish foreign minister Hikmat Chetin".

Soon after, according to the London-based newsletter Foreign Report, a large Mossad operation was established in Turkey, with Mossad agents based in both Istanbul and Ankara.


Turkish Top Military Brass meets Wolfowitz one day before Istanbul Attacks

The two Istanbul attacks respectively on the HSBC in the financial district and on the British Consulate were, according to media reports "timed to coincide with President George Bush's state visit to London."

The attacks took place one day following the completion of the annual Turkish-US Joint Defense Group meeting (17-19 November 2003).

The British Consul General Roger Short, was killed by the bomb as he was entering the consulate building. Press reports confirmed that he had cancelled an appointment at the last minute and "if he had gone to his appointment, he would have been alive."

The attacks create conditions for Turkey's participation in the war on terrorism.

The attacks serve to strengthen the Anglo-American military axis and the legitimacy of Bush's "War on terrorism."

The Istanbul bombings also serve to uphold the shaky legitimacy of Prime Minister Tony Blair in the face of mounting political opposition to Britain's' participation in the US led war.

Michel Chossudovsky, 11/21/03


"A Turkish daily close to the ruling justice and development party quoted Turkish intelligence sources as saying that the Mossad had established the organization that launched the two attacks on 15th November, 2003."


Turkey is a major refining and transit point for the flow of heroin from Southwest Asia to Western Europe.

Kendal Nezan, writing for Le Monde Diplomatique, has reported that MIT and the Turkish National Police force were actively supporting the trade in illicit drugs not only for fun and profit, but out of desperation...

"According to the daily Hürriyet, Turkey's heroin trafficking brought in $25 billion in 1995 and $37.5 billion in 1996 . . . Only criminal networks working in close cooperation with the police and the army could possibly organize trafficking on such a scale. Drug barons have stated publicly, on Turkish television and in the West, that they have been working under the protection of the Turkish government and to its financial benefit. The traffickers themselves travel on diplomatic passports. The drugs are even transported by military helicopter from the Iranian border."


The Middle East Report concluded in 1998 that probably the greatest strategic move in the Clinton post-Cold War years is what could be called "The Ankara Pact"—an alliance between the US, Turkey, and Israel that essentially circumvents and bottles up the Arab countries.

Earlier in 1998, Israeli, Turkish and American military forces engaged in exercises in the Mediterranean, according to Reuters and Agencie France Press. "'[These exercises] signal to the radical states in the region that there is a strong alliance between Israel, Turkey and the United States which they must fear."

Reports also indicated that the CIA and Pentagon intelligence organizations had regularly chaired meetings of Turkish and Israeli officers in Tel Aviv for years.

aangirfan: Turkey, terror bombs, the CIA and Mossad

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Papua by Carolincik

Would you cheer if the US military got chucked out of Haiti?

Of course you would.

The film 'Avatar' is about an attempt by a US corporation to grab valuable mineral wealth on the planet of Pandora.

Dr Nile Gardiner wrote in the Daily Telegraph, (Avatar: the most expensive piece of anti-American propaganda ever ...):

"When I saw the movie last night in a packed theatre, I was disturbed by the cheering from the audience towards the end when the humans, US soldiers fighting on behalf of an American corporation, were being wiped out..."

Noah Tucker, on January 24th 2010, wrote "Going traitor: Avatar versus imperialism"

He describes how the Americans in Avatar are 'motivated by three distinct agendas, each personified by its own leader':

1. The business executive Parker Selfridge wants to make lots of money and that means getting the natives off their land.

2. The Marine colonel Miles Quartrich wants a violent military solution.

3. Dr Grace Augustine develops some sympathies for the native Na'vi people.

The hero, Jake Sully, eventually sides with the natives.


Avatar could be about West Papua.

1. West Papua has the world's largest gold mine. This mine has links to Henry Kissinger.

2. BP is developing a gas field in West Papua.

3. Massive genocide is being carried out in West Papua by troops trained by the CIA.

An Avatar (incarnation) of Vishnu: whenever righteousness wanes and unrighteousness increases I send myself forth, in order to protect the good and punish the wicked.(

According to Wayne Madsen (J'Accuse: Bush's Death Squads, by Wayne Madsen, 1/31/02):

The Indonesian army chief, General Sutarto, confirmed that West Papuan independence leader Theys Eluay was assassinated by Indonesian Army units.

The assassins were members of KOPASSUS, a special operations unit trained by U.S. Special Forces and CIA personnel and was involved in massacres in East Timor during the Indonesian occupation of that country.

In 1969, West Papua was formally handed over to Indonesia by the United Nations after a referendum, now widely recognized as rigged.

Eluay was a thorn in the side of Freeport McMoran, a Louisiana-based mining company that has pillaged West Papua's natural resources and has been accused by local activists of propping up local Indonesian army and KOPASSUS officers with bribes and favors.

Henry Kissinger serves as a Director Emeritus on the board of directors of Freeport and former Louisiana Senator J. Bennett Johnston, recently identified as a lobbyist for Enron, serves as a full member of the board.

"There have been numerous reports that entire villages have been destroyed and the people shot and tortured."

Henry Kissinger has financial ties to the world's largest gold mine, the Freeport mine in West Papua, in Indonesia.

Dutch New Guinea, now known as West Papua, expected to become independent after the departure of the Dutch. But, Indonesia grabbed Dutch New Guinea.

America has always sought to have close ties with the Indonesian military.

On 6 December 1975, Henry Kissinger, along with President Gerald Ford visited Indonesia.

The next day, Indonesia attacked and annexed East Timor.

Up to one third of the population of East Timor died as a result of the invasion. The violence that once took place in East Timor may be similar to the violence that continues today in West Papua.

BP is working with a genocidal government, according to George Monbiot, in the Guardian 3rd May 2005. (

BP is to develop a gas field in West Papua, the western half of the island of New Guinea.

Monbiot explains that in 1962 the USA told the Dutch that they wanted West Papua to be handed over to Indonesia. A UN referendum was to be held, but, 'the US told the UN that the result had to be rigged.'

So instead of a referendum in which “all adult Papuans” participated, in 1969 the UN oversaw a rather different process.

Monbiot describes the process:

1,022 men were selected by Indonesian soldiers, taught the words “I want Indonesia”, then lined up at gunpoint.

One man who refused to say his lines was shot.

Others were threatened with being dropped out of helicopters.

This rigorous democratic exercise resulted in a unanimous vote for Indonesian rule.

Papua by Carolincik

According to Monbiot:

A recent report by academics at Yale Law School concludes that there is “a strong indication that the Indonesian government has committed genocide against the West Papuans.”

Human rights groups suggest that around 100,000 Papuans have been killed by Indonesia.

The armed forces have bombed, napalmed and strafed tribal villages and tortured and murdered their people.

The government has sought to wipe out Papuan culture through forced assimilation and mass immigration. The purpose of these schemes, according to a former governor of West Papua, was to “give birth to a new generation of people without curly hair, sowing the seeds for greater beauty.”

Today, villages in the Papuan highlands are still being burnt out by soldiers, and their people killed or forced to flee into the forest.

BP overlooks all this.

When the Papuans tried to set up their own assembly – the Papuan presidium council – its chairman, Theys Eluay, was murdered by the army. The Indonesian government is currently flying in an extra 15,000 troops.

In the last few weeks the repression has intensified.

As the Free West Papua Campaign ( points out, the Indonesian army has a standard technique for gaining control of extractive industries.

It creates an incident, often attacking its own soldiers or burning down a village or two, blames it on the rebels and then insists it must “secure the area”, and, of course, any revenue arising from the area.

The army is already building up civilian militias close to the gas field. Some of them are controlled by Laskar Jihad, which is affiliated to Al Qaeda.

BP derives its authority to act from an occupying power in the midst of an attempted genocide.

How credible, then, are its claims that its hands are clean?

Papua by Carolincik

Jakartass tells us (

In the 1990s, during Suharto's regime, 1.2 million Javanese and Sumatran persons streamed into Papua over a ten-year period. Nearly all of these migrants were Muslims, coming into an area that, prior to Indonesian rule, had been almost entirely populated by Roman Catholics, Protestants and people following tribal religions.

An Australian Democrats press release (, dated 5 August 2005, warns of a possible massacre in West Papua.

In West Papua there appears to be increased Indonesian military activity and increased violence and intimidation.

There have been numerous reports that entire villages have been destroyed and the people shot and tortured.

Reports have stated that up to 15,000 Indonesian troops have been sent to West Papua in recent weeks.

There has been a specific and concerted effort by the Indonesian military to increase dramatically national and racial tensions.

This has all the appearances of a disaster in waiting and we cannot simply allow it to happen.

During a situation like this, the allegations regarding a pro-Jakarta lobby within the Australian Intelligence services and concern over intelligence warnings prior to the East Timor massacre are deeply disturbing.

We must not allow another East Timor to develop on our doorstep.

We have the advance warning, there will be no excuse if this is allowed to happen.

According to the International Herald Tribune, 10 August 2005 (

"Many of those accused of leading the deadly campaign in East Timor in 1999 are supervising similar atrocities in Indonesia, especially Aceh and West..."


Avatar is made by 20th Century Fox and is thus making money for the Murdoch News Corp.

The 1939's Gone With the Wind made $400m worldwide, which is $6bn in today's money, more than three times Avatar's figure at present of $1.8 billion.


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As Sir David Manning flew over Staten Island, he saw smoke coming from the World Trade Center. (New Statesman - NS Profile - David Manning)

Sir David Manning is Jewish and is linked to 9 11 and the Iraq war.

He appears to be an éminence grise behind the British royal family.

Manning, at the suggestion of the Queen, has been appointed senior adviser to Prince William at the start of his first foreign tour, of New Zealand and Australia.

"Sir David meets the Princes from time to time.

"He also meets the Royal household more frequently.

"Sir David has a desk, if he needs it, at St James's Palace, but he is always on the end of the phone if his expertise is required." (The Queen insists on a 'wise man' for Prince William at start of first tour )

From left to right: Bertie Ahem (prime minister of Ireland), Sir David Manning (British ambassador to the USA), Paul Murphy (British Secretary of State for Northern Ireland), George W. Bush and Ambassador Mitchell Reiss

Who are the people who secretly run the governments of so-called democracies such as the USA and UK?

One of these people is Sir David Manning.

1. Sir David Manning, who is Jewish, was in Washington meeting Richard Armitage around the time of 9 11. (US State Department, September 10, 2001).

Some conspiracy theorists might speculate that Manning was one of the planners of 9 11.

Manning was UK ambassador to Israel between 1995 and 1998, foreign policy adviser to Blair from 2001 to 2003 and UK ambassador to the USA from 2003 to 2007.

2. Manning helped plan the Iraq War, and memos have revealed how he knew Blair had promised to go to war with Bush a year before the conflict. (Tony Blair's Iraq adviser Mail Online)

3. Manning is one of the people who wanted the Bank of Scotland to be taken over by an English bank.

Sir David Manning is on the board of Lloyds TSB.

4. On 16 November 2008, we learnt that Manning, won a £50000 U.S. defence job (Mail Online)

Manning has been given a senior post with U.S.-owned arms company Lockheed.

Lockheed earns large sums from the Ministry of Defence.

5. Manning has joined a shadowy UK intelligence firm set up by former spies.

Manning is on the advisory board of Hakluyt, a private intelligence firm partly staffed by former MI6 officers. (Hakluyt set up by former MI6 agents spied on campaign groups for ...)

Hakluyt was set up by former MI6 agents in 1995.

The firm once spied on environmental campaign groups such as Greenpeace on behalf of oil companies.

Frances Shand Kydd and Diana (

Lady Diana's mother was Frances Shand Kydd, who was born Frances Ruth Roche.

Reportedly, Frances had Jewish origins. (Davidic Ancestry of Prince William.)

Lady Diana's father may have been Jewish.

William, may have Jewish origins.

Mostaque Ali drew our attention to gossip about Lady Diana and Prince William.

On 7 September 2007, the Independent (Ireland) produced an article entitled: A Murky Question, by Declan Lynch

(The Mail also covered the story. Were Diana and Jemima sisters? Mail Online)

Acording to Declan Lynch:

Princess Diana's father was Sir James Goldsmith.

Sir James was the son of Frank Goldsmith, the descendant of a Jewish banking family from Frankfurt.

Sir James Goldsmith who has links to the Rothschilds (Cached). He multiplied his fortune as a brash corporate raider in the United States during the 1980s (Billionaire with a Cause ) "He inherited many of his traits from his father Frank Goldsmith, the descendant of a distinguished Jewish banking family from Frankfurt once as famous as the Rothschilds." (Obituary: Sir James Goldsmith - People, News - The Independent)

According to Declan Lynch:

The "Goldsmith" version "had been circulating in aristocratic circles for a long time."

Officially, Diana was the daughter of the Earl Spencer and Frances Shand Kydd.

Sources have long maintained that Goldsmith was conducting an affair with Frances around the time that Diana was conceived.

Nobody denies that the affair took place, "at a time when Frances was deeply unhappy in her marriage to the Earl, who was 'drinking heavily' and 'being beastly towards her'".

Tina Brown, author of The Diana Chronicle, suggests it was a long-running affair.

In Brown's version, there is strong support for the idea of Goldsmith being the father of Lady Diana, though she can't prove it.

Zak Goldsmith, son of Sir James Goldsmith.



Zak Goldsmith

Diana has a physical resemblance to Sir James' children, Jemima Khan (nee Goldsmith), Diana's best friend, and Zak Goldsmith.

Ben Goldsmith

Benjamin Goldsmith (born in 1980) married Kate Emma Rothschild (b. 1982), daughter of the late Amschel Rothschild

Diana was like her father in looks, "but also in her charisma, her sexual appetites, her madness, and her propensity for causing trouble."


Who might want to silence Diana?

aangirfan: Diana, Prince Bandar and unreliable sources

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nona-people: The 'Jewish Conspiracy' in the UK

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Patsies, doubles, double agents?

How do you persuade ordinary people to join in false flag terror attacks?

You can threaten them.

On 5 January 2010, in The Independent (UK), we read that MI5 is 'still using threats to recruit Muslim spies'

According to The Independent:

Isahaq Elmi, 31, claims that for nine months he has been harassed by MI5 agents in order to force him to work for them.

Isahaq Elmi says he has been bombarded with phone calls and tricked into attending meetings at police stations in Birmingham.

Ahmed Diini, 21, says that he was visited by spooks at the Birmingham school where he worked and threatened with arrest.

When he went on holiday he says he was twice detained at UK airports.

He alleges he was bombarded with phone calls and threatened with detention under the Terrorism Act.

He claims MI5 suggested that his life would be made easier if he agreed to work for MI5.

In 2009, The Independent reported five cases where people complained of similar harassment.

Isahaq Elmi reports that at Heathrow anti-terror police officers threatened to arrest him and detain him at Paddington Green police station where terror suspects are held.

Some months later, Isahaq Elmi was persuaded to go to a police station where MI5 agents said "they were recruiting young Western fighters."

After leaving the police station, the phone calls continued. Reportedly, one of the MI5 agents began shouting and said, 'One way or another we are going to get you.'"

Classic Double Agents in False Flag Operations

The classic false flag operation.

Caution - FBI fit-ups of Muslim patsies in progress • The Register