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The Feudal System is about keeping the rich people rich, and the poor people poor.

The USA and UK are still somewhat feudal.

Most Americans (58.5%) will spend at least one year below the poverty line at some point.

(Hacker, J. S. (2006). The great risk shift: The new insecurity and the decline of the American dream. New York: Oxford University Press (USA).)

Poverty leads to poor nutrition which leads to poor health.

Poor health makes study and work difficult.

Poor education and an inability to work effects income. (Cached)

USA IN THE 1930s

In the UK, in the 1820s, the Sutherland family owned 1½ million acres.

The Sutherland family evicted many poor families from their land. (Highland Clearances - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

"Many deaths ensued ... several children did not long survive their sufferings." (1814-20 - Height of Sutherland Clearances)

In 19th century Britain, children sometimes worked up to 19 hours a day, for slave wages. (Child labor in Factories During the Industrial Revolution)

Child Labour in the USA

The feudal System is kept in place by terror.

Since 9 11, the rich have grown more powerful.

Today, in countries like the USA and UK, many children are still being treated badly by uncaring adults.

Children in modern Britain are living like in the 'times of Dickens' /Our Dickensian schoolchildren who start school unable to 'use a ...

Lesley Ward, president of the UK's Association of Teachers and Lecturers, has revealed the following:

Around 30% of UK children are living below the poverty line.

Many of their parents do have jobs.

According to Ward: 'That's shocking isn't it - you go out to work, perhaps two or even three part-time jobs, and you are still living below the poverty.'

Some kids, when they first arrive at primary school, have not been taught how to dress themselves, or how use a knife and fork, or how to use a toilet properly.

A "small, significant and growing minority" of children experience a level of poverty "mirroring the times of Dickens".

"Teachers all over the country are working in areas like this. Areas where often more than half the children receive free school meals, where one in ten of the school population is on the at risk register, where 10 per cent, or more, of the children in each class have some form of special need."

British children from a previous century.

Nick Gibb, the Tory shadow schools minister, said:

"There are pockets of the country that have been written off over the past few years with a culture of low expectations, low levels of educational achievement and high numbers of people not working."



propalica said...

rich are becoming reacher because they want it, and poor stay poor also because they like it that way...

it's deeper than that but my basic theory is like that.

like when they try to make war in some country, somewhere they are sucsesfull (most of the time) but in some countries they can do it even they try because THE PEOPLE don't want it...

anyway, very nice blog, interesting.

some visit to say wich one may be disinformants on my list so i can add that tag to them as i know many people from the list are just that, i just put "whole" list and than it's easy to say wich one "we" think is for and wich one against people.

propalica said...

come not some